All international outreaches have been canceled until January 2021 due to travel restrictions and the risk of COVID-19.  However we are planning an outreach in Texas later this summer – more details soon! 

MISSIONS UPDATE: No More Printed Copies of Mission:World

Starting with the July edition, Missions:World will only be published on-line. Sign up to receive your copy by email at missionworldmag.com

There is also a digital version which includes video clips and up-to-date news from more than 600 missionary families that serve with the BMA- click on the link below

News from Cristian and Vanessa Martinez, church-planter in Lubbock, Texas

BMA International Crisis Response

NHBC Missions Program

The NHBC Missions Program is overseen by Missions Coordinator Andy Slater and a supporting committee. NHBC currently sends monthly support to 17 BMA (Baptist Missionary Association) missionaries serving overseas, a clinic in Mexico, a church in Iraq, 9 BMA church planters (both Hispanic and Anglo) and 2 evangelistic ministries. Our support is directed towards BMA missions (www.bmamissions.org) and full time workers who have a close connection to our church. We also support local outreach efforts such as the ABS student ministry at Tyler Junior College, and, from time to time, we support other missions work that NHBC members are involved with.

Every year, NHBC has people joining BMMI short-term medical and evangelism teams to various overseas destinations, and we will typically have one or two church teams going to serve alongside BMA missionaries for a short-term outreach each year.

The NHBC Missions Committee plans and coordinates events and arranges for guest missionary speakers to come speak at NHBC, in order to keep church members aware of what is being done on the mission field and to encourage their support. The NHBC Missions Program encourages you to get involved in local, state, national, or worldwide missions.