The Civil War was over. Eighteen adults realized that their families needed a new place of worship when their church in the Dean community near the Dixie area disbanded. On April 16, 1867 18 adults and 1 child met and organized the church they called Harmony. It was located approximately 12 miles northwest of Tyler. Soon they petitioned the Cherokee Baptist Association for membership and learned there was already a church by that name. The members resubmitted the petition and were accepted under the name of the New Harmony Baptist Church.

The first church house was built on the site that later became the New Harmony Cemetery. A second church house was built across the road from the current church. Natural springs behind the church provided baptismal waters. December 21, 1907 the church family moved into a third building on the current site. In the year 1915 a storm damaged that building, and a fourth church building was erected at a total cost of $330.35. This building served as the worship center for 34 years. The fifth church building was erected in 1949. Since then, there have been 7 major additions including a new sanctuary constructed in 1993. The old sanctuary was retained for Sunday School rooms and a library.

Within the church walls, individual members have had a refuge to grow spiritually. Collectively, the church has shared the gospel of Jesus’ saving grace and peace on local, state, national, and world levels. Living through World War I and II and the wars of Korea, Viet Nam, The Gulf, and Iraq, the church has kept a strong faith.  History records a praying church for the 40 members who served during World War II and the safe return of every soldier. Prayers for local church members and the needs of neighbors and nations have never ceased. A history of over 150 years for the church reveal many personal, local and national challenges that were met as members stood firm on Biblical principles and compassion for mankind. The church has relied on the truth in the scriptures during struggles and hard times and has remembered God as The Source during times of prosperity. New Harmony has never been without faith in God who promised, “If my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land” II Chronicles 7:14