First Steps: Room 115- Main Building

Teacher, Gary and Cindy Ferguson- This class is a four week long class with a variety of activities to help new members become accustomed with the beliefs, ordinances, ministries, staff, and campus of New Harmony Baptist Church.

Joy Class: Room 300- Old Sanctuary

Teacher, Carole Lybrand- This is a small class for ladies with no age limit. Lessons come from the BMA Baptist Expositor.  They enjoy class discussions, each other, and life, as well as pray for each other and member concerns.

Adult Men: Room 507- FLC 1st Floor

Teacher, Robert Kelly- The men of this class represent a wealth of life experience and Bible knowledge applicable to adult men of all ages.  Primarily senior men, this discussion based class uses the BMA Baptist Expositor.

Lydia Class: Room 118- Children’s Education Wing

Teacher, Barbara Amy- This class is comprised of New Harmony’s senior ladies ages 65 and up.  The BMA Baptist Expositor is used.  They enjoy fellowship with one another and sharing joys as well as their sorrows

The Upper Room: Room 500- FLC 1st Floor

Teacher, Gary Mason- This class is open to adults of all ages where couples and individuals find a comfortable place to study God’s Word.  This is a discussion based class that studies a book of the Bible, verse by verse.

Searching Hearts: Room 504- FLC 1st Floor

Teacher, Charlotte Turner- This class is dedicated to serving adult ladies of all ages.  This discussion based class enjoys lessons taken from the Lifeway Explore the Bible series.  The main focus of this class is to apply Biblical principles to daily living.

Thru the Bible: Room 505- FLC 1st Floor

Teacher, Emmett McFarlin- This class ministers to young couples and single parents with children whose ages run from birth to teenagers. They study the Bible systematically and under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, integrate its truth into their daily lives.

Sanctuary Class: Room 502- FLC 1st Floor

Teacher, Walter Hogue- This lecture based class is open to adults of all ages.  The members learn about the Bible through an in-depth verse study of the Word.  This class fosters fellowship and care for one another.

College & Career: Room 602- FLC 2nd Floor

Teacher, Gil Ladrini- Studying God’s Word with all singles who are out of high school, in College or starting a career, this discussion based class attempts to confirm answers to life’s big questions and helps prepare students for daily biblical living.

Journey Class: Room 604- FLC 2nd Floor

Teacher, Dallas Smith- This is an interactive class of 20s-30 year olds singles and couples. By studying the Bible, this class applies Scripture to current young family needs and lifestyles.  Discipleship is a key part of this class.

Young Married: Room 603- FLC 2nd Floor

Teacher, Russ Jackson- This is an interactive Bible study group for young married couples.

Adult 3: Room 600- FLC 2nd Floor

Teacher, Philip Attebery and Wayne Speir- This class is an interactive Bible-study group of couples and singles of all ages, currently using the BMA Baptist Expositor as a study guide.  They enjoy discussion and fellowship.

Adult 4: Room 605- FLC 2nd Floor

Teacher, Bryan Weaver- This class is an interactive Bible study group of couples and singles ages 35 and up. The Bible is used as the primary text to facilitate growth in its members and equip them for daily living.

Foundation: Room 607 – FLC 2nd Floor

Teacher, Gary Bristow- Using Bible study materials such as the Gospel Project, this discussion based class is for adults 30 and up. Their time together is always encouraging and lively as they love and pray for one another.