“Our Sunday evening service is a hidden gem,” Bro. Wayne Speir recently commented to me. I would have to agree! The atmosphere on Sunday night is casual, the teaching is usually more in-depth, and the fellowship warms your heart. The obvious question is, “how can we expose more people to this hidden-gem experience?”
Young families want something for their children. Youth want something that will engage them. Young parents want something that will revitalize them. The mature crowd wants something that will encourage them.
Enter Four Fantastic Fellowships!
Beginning July 11, and lasting for five weeks, New Harmony will endeavor to reach people who are currently not attending on Sunday nights by offering a complete family ministry for five weeks. Starting at 6:00PM in the Sanctuary, we will worship together. Then, we will dismiss into smaller groups.
Parents will dismiss to Room 500 where Bro. Chris will lead in a parenting Bible study.
Adults will remain in the Sanctuary where Bro. Brady will lead in a study through Philippians.
Students will dismiss to the Youth Room with Bro. Cameron.
Children will dismiss to Children’s Church with Celesia.
The Sunday night fellowships will conclude around 7:30.
I hope you will join us in one of our groups. Invite a friend or another family!
God is doing great things at New Harmony! Come, be part of it! Bro. Chris
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