Mission:World is changing in 2022!

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Donny Parrish writes:  The Mission:World change takes effect in January 2022, and will go from a magazine to a newsfeed format.  The monthly digital magazine will no longer be produced, but stories will be released constantly via email anImaged all forms of social media.

It will also provide state newspapers (eg Baptist Progress) with inserts about global missions.  We believe this will be a better way to communicate with you about all that is going on in BMA global missions.  Make sure you receive mission news, confirm that your name is on the mailing list by visiting:


News from our newest missionary family. They will be headed out to France in August.

NHBC Missions Program

The NHBC Missions Program is overseen by Missions Coordinator Andy Slater and a supporting committee. NHBC currently sends monthly support to 17 BMA (Baptist Missionary Association) missionaries serving overseas, a clinic in Mexico, a church in Iraq, 9 BMA church planters (both Hispanic and Anglo) and 2 evangelistic ministries. Our support is directed towards BMA missions (www.bmamissions.org) and full time workers who have a close connection to our church. We also support local outreach efforts such as the ABS student ministry at Tyler Junior College, and, from time to time, we support other missions work that NHBC members are involved with.

Every year, NHBC has people joining BMMI short-term medical and evangelism teams to various overseas destinations, and we will typically have one or two church teams going to serve alongside BMA missionaries for a short-term outreach each year.

The NHBC Missions Committee plans and coordinates events and arranges for guest missionary speakers to come speak at NHBC, in order to keep church members aware of what is being done on the mission field and to encourage their support. The NHBC Missions Program encourages you to get involved in local, state, national, or worldwide missions.

Contact Andy Slater or Cameron to get involved!   

Missions Corner


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Two years ago in El Paso… we experienced the value of an Outreach Trailer. Now NHBC Missions and Youth have partnered to equip our own trailer for local outreaches. But we must equip our team to serve effectively as we go out to reach children and their parents! This will begin in September. Contact Any Slater or Cameron to get involved!


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Update on the Beirut Explosion
Hello there! To say that these past 2 months have been life-changing would be an understatement. It has been a hard several weeks here in Lebanon as we are trying to be a beacon of light while we ourselves struggle with processing our feelings in the aftermath of the Beirut port explosion. As most of you have heard by now, the explosion has left almost half of the city destroyed with more than 200 people confirmed dead, more than 6,500 people seriously injured and around 300,000 others displaced. The property damage is projected to be almost 15 Billion (yes with a “B”) dollars. In the midst of soaring COVID-19 numbers, and a devastating economic crisis, relief has been somewhat slow and frustrating as money is hard to get from the banks, and being there for others is tricky with soaring coronavirus cases.
     With broken hearts, we are entering people’s damaged homes and shops and hearing their sad stories, yet thanking the Lord that they are alive and that we have the opportunity to be a tool in God’s hand to comfort, love and support those in need and those who are having trouble making sense of it all.
In the first 2 weeks after the explosion people from all over Lebanon came into Beirut to help and be of assistance to those affected by the explosion. It was amazing to see people from different areas, religions, and backgrounds serve side by side and be a blessing to others.  Our young people participated as well, cleaning up glass, picking up the rubble and providing basic needs.     
The weeks after that focused on rebuilding. We thank God for all those who donated and supported our relief program. We also thank the Lord for all the money that started flooding into Lebanon to help in the relief and repair efforts.      God is good!     
We knew there would be a lot of needs to be met; we also knew that we had limited resources. So, we focused on 3 main things: collecting and distributing clothes for people that were affected, distributing food vouchers, and repairing homes that were directly in the wake of the blast.     
So far, we have been able to distribute clothes to more than 110 families, to increase the number of vouchers and food parcels up to more than 300, and to repair glass and wood damage for more than 25 homes.  The Lord has been faithful, providing us with tools, resources, and trustworthy handymen in order for us to complete the work and help others during this trying time.  

Prayer Request:  
Please pray for the Lebanese people, so the Lord may work in the their lives and they may know that only He can satisfy their hearts’ desire.
Pray as well for the relief efforts, so money and aid can come in smoothly and people can be served as quickly and easily as possible.  
Pray for the homes we are entering all around Beirut for the first time, so that the Lord may work and open opportunities for us to speak His word and share the Gospel.  
Our final prayer request, as always, is for the wisdom and guidance for Mira and I that we may continue to lean on God always and trust His leadership.  

To know more on how to give for the Beirut Explosion Relief, please contact me at joe.costa88@gmail.com

NHBC supports Mission El Paso:

I am pleased to inform you of the things that are happening in the mission that you are supporting in El Paso Texas. After after spending almost a year and a half in family groups at home, finally a month ago we started to meet in a local church building, the families are happy and even though the temples are not fully open due to the pandemic, we decided to open our Sunday meetings.

We want to thank you for the contributions that you make us, with that we were able to buy sound equipment and a few other things that help us to function in our Sunday meetings. Thank you brother Andy, say thank you to your pastor and your beautiful congregation, we pray that God bless you very much.

With Gratitude-

Pastor Gamalier and Sandra Lunc

MISSIONS UPDATE: No More Printed Copies of Mission:World

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There is also a digital version which includes video clips and up-to-date news from more than 600 missionary families that serve with the BMA- click on the link below

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News from Cristian and Vanessa Martinez, church-planter in Lubbock, Texas

BMA International Crisis Response