Dear Andy & Rosie,

First of all, on behalf of the New Hope Ukraine team, brothers and sisters, all Ukrainians I want to say thank you, friends, for your prayers, e-mails, your offers to house some of us if needed, and your support. It’s very encouraging! It matters to us a lot! We are all here very thankful to the ECMI Crisis team that contacts us for updates to be forward on the daily basis. I wish I could answer all your e-mails personally right away but I can’t do it in the current situation. There is a lot that is going on here right now. I will try to do it as I can.

The situation is very difficult in Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine), in the Northern, Eastern, and Southern parts of our country. But our army is controlling most of the cities but the fight is going on!

The western part of Ukraine where we are located is also being under air attacks by rockets occasionally. Russian soldiers drop them mostly on our airports and military bases. The air alarm goes off several times a day and sometimes at night. This morning we woke up around 6:00 because of the air alarm to run to the small basement we have in our back yard.

Yesterday, we had a prayer meeting at our church. Many came personally and some joined us through Zoom.

We decided to get together in order to prepare the place for the refugees. We worked to prepare 10 comfy beds and have a dozen of camping /sleeping sacks available to be used. We are working closely with the Mayor of Lviv and the government. The Mayor has gathered all the local congregation’s leaders to ask for assistance in housing the refugees. So today (Saturday) we expect the first group of about 10 people to come.

Since Thursday – the Day – a mom of the family of 7 from the neighborhood has lived in the basement of the NH facility which we can use as a sheltered place. She has broken her leg recently and can’t walk. Two of her daughters know us because of the Christian Youth Club meetings we do.

Also, yesterday (Thursday) we had about 20 people with small kids seeking refuge when the air alarm went off. When I was about to show the kids around like where is the toilet, etc, some of them surprised me by telling me, “Ha, we know here everything” as some of them were the students of the Preschool Center which my wife Irene runs. In our facility, we can have up to 50 refugees who will have beds in the classrooms and the worship hall. At the same time, we can host about 100 people seeking a sheltered place when the alarm goes off.

Last night 10 people with some people from our church and NH workers stayed overnight there. While organizing the beds yesterday evening we realized that we will need more beddings/sheets and other things like medicine, bottled water, snacks, hygienic items, etc.

This morning at the air alarm more than 40 people from the neighborhood came to our basement to hide. It didn’t last long this morning. Praise God!

Friens, please continue to pray for our country!

– On day 3 more than 200 civil citizens died (4 kids) and up to 200 soldiers. Please pray for the families who lost their loved ones!

– Pray for our soldiers who stand tall to protect us!

– Pray for teams of civil territorial defense that work hard to assist the people locally. Many men join these teams to protect their cities and towns from saboteurs and marauders.

– Pray for those who stay in the country to house and help refugees.

Thank you, friends, so much!

Though being far away from us you are so close to us because of your care and love!

In Christ,

Roman, Irene, Anna and Mathew

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